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Next steps for potential ADD

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alwaysfancywine Fri 14-Oct-16 09:30:12

In a nutshell - school have suggested there's an issue with my DS and focus and concentration which I agree with. His attention span is incredibly short and whilst he is bright, he finds it extrmeely difficult to focus long enough to get his thoughts onto paper. Anyway - they have recommended we get him properly assessed and given us the details of 3 educational psychologists. One has got back to me and said the next step is to see a clinical psychologist and then go back to her. I'm not sure why I am being recommended to do it that way around, what is the difference between the two/in what ways can each of them help...? We are not comfortable giving medication which has been suggested, in which case would the clinical psychologist be a waste of time/money? All I really want is for someone to properly diagnose him (or not) and suggest tactics to help him. Thanks all

FrayedHem Sat 15-Oct-16 15:03:50

An Educational Psychologist cannot diagnose ADD which is probably why they have recommended the Clinic Psychologist as they can do a full assessment/diagnosis. Ed Psychs can observe and perform cognitive assessments so are more useful to the school in getting specific advice for DS in the classroom (which is probably why they've suggested Ed Psych).

Is it a private school? Just a state school would be able to access the LA Ed Psych and it sounds like they're guiding you towards private options.

I think your first stop would be the GP if you want a full assessment and diagnosis via NHS. I understand your pov over medication but I don't think professionals ever rush to suggest medicating. If you feel his difficulties aren't going to self-resolve, it's better to get in the system now so you have more options open later on, should they be needed.

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