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Any experiences of pyloric stenosis?

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Jennpez27 Thu 13-Oct-16 22:01:04

Hi, this is my first post on one of these websites (despite reading through them constantly!) and I'm worried about my son.

DS is 5 weeks old and was weighed today and has dropped a percentile in weight gain. Last night he was vomiting a lot, I thought it has stopped today but had just vomited a lot after a feed (he is BF).

He does have reflux and has ranatadine for it, but lately has been quite gassy and trumping a lot so he has infacol as well.

After looking on the web tonight I'm wondering if he might have pyloric stenosis.

Does anyone have any experience of this? What were the first signs?

Thanks in advance for your help!

5OBalesofHay Thu 13-Oct-16 22:09:02

My 16 (now) year old had it. He is absolutely fine& and has been since surgery at a few weeks old. The vomiting was something else though! Properly projectile!

It would be worth a check up as it won't get better without surgery if it is

hollingbury Sat 15-Oct-16 22:32:42


My son had pyloric stenosis. They thought it was reflux - because they never saw how much he vomited - but it wasn't.

I would def get him to the doctor and insist he's checked - they can often do the check and feel his stomach without an ultrasound. dont leave it.

Once he had the op, he was totally fine.

DM me, by all means

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