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3wk Newborn head control... FTM horror!!!

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Boatmum1 Thu 13-Oct-16 15:57:47


Am a FTM with a 3 wk old boy- he's pretty big (born at 41 weeks) and very strong (remarked on by all care staff)- which is being attributed to my pregnancy gym routine and neurotic healthy diet (both of which have gone out the window PP obvi!)

My baby has quite a big head - which, in spite of all best attempts to stop him- he likes to fling about when he's fussy - often to a bizarre angle- or to use to head butt me with when he's on my chest... (he's got some wind issues that get him a bit upset- mainly due to my hose pipe like milk letdown ... currently trying the usual "remedies" to manage both)

Anyway- the point is- probably once a day- maybe twice - when he's over excited about another food time, or troubled by wind- he manages to contort himself or fling his head in such a way, that even though I catch it in my hand or the crook of my arm before it snaps right back, I worry the force of the "flop" is hurting him, and every time his head flops back (even into my hand) I feel like a completely terrible mother, whose baby is going to grow up with awful brain damage. (Shaken baby syndrome of course is the (ir)rational fear) And then I google all the ways his head and neck are fragile and feel even worse.

Is this a massive overreaction? Is the odd head loll of his own making going to do damage? And if it is, how on earth can I stop him doing it, without hurting him more?! (The force he exerts is considerable!)

Thanks mums....

Soubriquet Thu 13-Oct-16 15:59:59

He should be ok.

It does take a bit more force than a flop to have shaken baby syndrome

Try your best to support his head when you can though.

Do talk to your health visitor if you're worried

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