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6 year old talking like a baby

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minniemoi Thu 13-Oct-16 12:24:52

My DD (6.5) can speak fine outside the house but when she is at home she's often unintelligible (her voice sounds muffled or nasally I'm not sure how to describe it) and talks like a baby. She's always done this and nothing works to stop her, we've tried pointing it out/ignoring her/ praising her when she speaks properly/ignoring it and answering her she says she doesn't know she's doing it. I'm at the end of my tether and it's not helped by the fact she speaks All. The. Time and repeats herself constantly. It's a horrible thing to say but I can't stand the sound of her voice sometimes.
I know she can speak properly because she's fine at school and with other people (although not as clear as her peers) otherwise I would be taking her to speech therapy.
She has a great vocabulary and does very well at school and I think her hearing is ok.
She also doesn't have the same local accent as everyone else she mixes with which I don't think is a problem but I find strange.
Please can anyone advise or tell me it gets better!?

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