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Help with dd concentration etc

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MariposaUno Wed 12-Oct-16 19:19:15

Just posting to see if anyone has any advice or experience on what I can do, My dd 6 is in the process of assessment of add with chams but not expecting any diagnosis for up to a year.

We engaged chams for these reasons but no one has actually advised on how to help her in the meantime and I don't really want to just plod along waiting when I could help her.

She's away in the clouds a lot of the time and has a severe lack of concentration at home and at school she is the same,
She can't focus on tasks at school and needs a lot of one to one attention for her to be able to do her work and not capable of working independently, easily frustrated and quick to temper although isn't badly behaved.

As it is she is behind in her class, her teacher has just said to carry on as we are.
My dd is otherwise sharp with a creative imagination so it's not all bad but wish I could hope I can help her in some way.

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