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4yo suddenly reluctant to wee

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toomuchtooold Wed 12-Oct-16 08:00:48

Any ideas anyone? I'm going to take her to the GP to rule out a urine infection but I don't think it's that.

DD1, 4 and a half, always fairly happy with toilet stuff has over the past 2-3 weeks become really reluctant to go for a wee - she's held it in till she wees herself a couple of times. When she does go to the toilet (reluctantly) she takes like half a roll of paper to wipe her bum, gets really frustrated, says she's still wet, and she can't "get rid of the bubbles". She says it's not sore or itchy when she wees or afterwards.

It's coincided with a period of what seems to be a general increase in her sensitivity to touch. She doesn't want to wear tights or leggings, and getting socks on her means 20 minutes of fiddling every morning, and she likes her shoes to be on so tight that they're almost falling apart. If it is just one of those sensory weird phases (DD2 had one) that's fine, we'll ride it out, but I just wondered if anyone else's kid went through something similar and what it turned out to be/how it resolved itself?

toomuchtooold Wed 12-Oct-16 13:38:12

Actually I might have just found the answer to this so for future reference, if anyone searches this thread once -


I bloody knew it was a SPD thing! My DDs, I can only apologise for the weirdo SPD genes I passed on - I can still remember the crazy-making itch of my primary one duffel coat and I'm 40 years old.

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