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Bedtime drama

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neawal Tue 11-Oct-16 22:53:48


Need help!!!!! My previously good 4 month old would go nicely to sleep after a BF at 7. The last three weeks she has slowly become harder and harder to get to sleep now pushes to to 8. Then the last 7 days every night she cries and wants to sleep in our arms and will not be put down to bed- she cries immediately if you try!!!

We are having to rock and hold her for hours until she gives in and let's us put her down. Not without a battle or crying band settling. It's a total nightmare.

Any thoughts why this is happening or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

danadas Wed 12-Oct-16 22:32:08

There is a huge development leap at about 16 weeks which results in unsettled babies, less sleep, waking when previously sleeping and generally grumpiness. It is why many parents wean too early as the waking in the night is often mistaken for hunger.

Its a ballache when you have had a glimpse at an easier time with more sleeping but just ride it out, cuddles, rocking, white noise and this too shall pass x

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