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What can I do to make my son his old self again?

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freddiefrogpercypig Mon 10-Oct-16 21:10:56

My 2 3/4 son seems to be going through a slightly difficult stage. It's probably partly his age, and the fact he now has a 6 month old brother.
There is nothing majorly wrong but he just doesn't seem v happy, secure or confident at the moment. He whinges a lot, is defiant, needy and will have tantrums.
For example if I take him to an outdoor class he won't want to join in with the singing and will go off by himself. He has started getting upset going to childminders too and he has never had a problem going before.
We noticed his tantrums increased a bit more when we put him into his bed rather than cot. Maybe not as good sleep? He would mess around for ages, come out, wake early etc whereas before he'd do 12 hours. We've now put a stair gate on and he sleeps marginally better though does still wake early and takes a while to go to sleep.
We dropped his nap but have put it back as think perhaps he is still tired. He only has about 1.5 hours now and no later than 3pm.
I try to give him one on one time but it is hard with baby and also I'm so tired!
I think I'm just looking for reassurance that maybe this has happened to others? And if so how did u help your child become a bit more secure and happy again?

LadyMoth Mon 10-Oct-16 21:20:26

It all sounds normal. People talk about the terrible twos but my DS got significantly worse around 3 with the whining, tantrums and generally being challenging. The new baby won't help and it's always really hard around the stage where they stop napping – they need to at some point, but then obviously get very tired at the end of the day.

Can you wear him out? somewhere where you can have the baby in a buggy or carrier and the older one can hare around. Soft play cafe, park, beach or playground etc.

I feel for you, it is very hard at this particular stage, a small baby and a stroppy/demanding older one. It's normal and understandable but OMG so exhausting.

freddiefrogpercypig Wed 12-Oct-16 18:20:37

Thank you I worry so much!

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