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DS is 7, very bad memory for names and faces

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catch22squared Mon 10-Oct-16 10:42:33

DS has just turned 7. He very often gets his friends' names wrong. For example, DS: mummy today can we play with.... um.. best friend's name? Me: Henry, DS: Yes, can henry play.
I talked to him about it today and he said he forgets everyone's name. His teacher, his closest friends. In fact I asked him if he ever forgets his own name and he said yes. He told me the other day he was playing with his best friend at school and wanted to call him over, but he couldn't remember his name, so he had to say, hey, thingy, what's you name!

I'm not good with names but assumed that was because I'm older, tireder and drink more wine than him.

So I suppose I'm asking whether this is something I should mention to the senco teacher at his school, in case it impacts on his learning?

akkakk Mon 10-Oct-16 10:57:53

there are some people who don't ever remember names, but it does sound a little bit unusual - have you looked at techniques for remembering names - such as associations etc.?

TheFirie Wed 12-Oct-16 08:54:45

Is it something that just started? Are these new friends? Test him on his family members (uncle, cousin, grandma....) .
Ask him which book he wants to read, to tell a title.

Has he ever learnt a poem? can he remember his home phone number, address? If the answer to some of these is no, more than the senco, I would mention it to the gp.

catch22squared Thu 13-Oct-16 09:16:19

Thank you for your replies akk and Firie,

In answer to firie, it's just names and faces. He can remember whole story books, all dinosaur types, all the pokemon and their evolutions, he can hold a plot in his head, the finer details of all 6 potter books but all other names, including close family and friends and his teacher at school, he would only remember some of the time. He would be very liable not to be able to recall a name on demand.

I mentioned it to the senco teacher at school and she looked thoughtful but didn't make any other comment.

He can remember his address. We don't have a home phone, but that has made me wonder whether this issue includes numbers as well. I will check that one out!

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