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Restless nappy change

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Cazzstaines Sun 09-Oct-16 20:02:58


This is my first visit and post on the website. My LB is 11 months and whenever I change his nappy or after bath time he rolls around so much I can't get a nappy or clothes on. Occasionally he has banged his head as he has squirmed that much! I've ended up in tears because it's made me feel so rubbish.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it a phase?

In the last day or so we have had biting from my LB.

Any advice would be appreciated

DarkDarkNight Sun 09-Oct-16 23:14:36

I moved to Pampers baby dry pants for this reason. There was no reasoning with him and I was sick of getting kicked. It made nappy changes a lot easier and less stressful. The only problem is you have to undress from the waist down and take shoes as they are pants, but that was so much easier than the both of us getting worked up.

purpleporpoise Sun 09-Oct-16 23:29:59

I have to give DS something to play with so he lies still, sky remote works, as does a mobile phone. He has a toy remote which sometimes works. I only change him on the floor now as he's off if he can

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