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Worried about 6 week old

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Laptopontable Thu 06-Oct-16 17:48:11

My six week old is very jittery.. she has been since birth, her limbs and chin quiver alot throughout the day, when she's wide awake and asleep. I've took her to the GP and told my health visitor about it, neither were very reassuring and she's been referred to the hospital paed. But that could take ages to get an appointment. Google results seem mixed between normal reflex and neurological problems!
She's feeding fine and filling nappies. She's also smiling and gaining head control. Another thing she does is suck her lips and is generally very squirmy. Any advice/opinions?

tiktok Thu 06-Oct-16 17:51:00

All of that sounds normal and prob is in a baby who's thriving and developing fine. But you are worried and need proper reassurance and that's fair enough. She must be due her six to eight week check. Can you bring it up then?

Laptopontable Thu 06-Oct-16 17:54:18

I want to but I have to wait for them to send me an appointment through the post. I just wish they'd have been a bit more reassuring about it.. instead of saying things like I've never seen it before, and hmm it is quite bad isn't it when they saw her doing it.

tiktok Thu 06-Oct-16 22:48:08

Ring 'em and get your appointment. Say you are going on holiday or something and need the appointment sooner, or just be honest and say you gave concerns.

Honestly, I bet she's fine. Babies with underlying problems tend to have other things going on too like failure to grow, slow at normal development, and your baby is doing well.

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