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Son wetting himself on purpose

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Redesul Thu 06-Oct-16 13:43:41

Been potty training my 3.5 year old over the past month or two. He picked up using the potty very quickly, and up until the past few days had been very good with it. He's been dry throughout the day without a nappy, and goes to preschool without one, and he manages to use the potty there with no issues. He's not dry at night, haven't even attempted that yet. Out and about he's mostly dry, he's terrified of hand driers and big toilets, so it's very difficult.

Anyway, yesterday and today, he's not even been attempting to use his potty or the toilet (he will stand next to the toilet to pee at home). He's just been wetting straight through his pants and trousers. I'm pretty sure he would have pooed on the floor if I hadn't stood there with his potty. Is this normal behaviour to expect after being newly trained? I've asked him but he just says "I don't know" and shrugs, or ignores me. We did have an issue of him not drinking at preschool or out and about because he'd made that connection and knew he wouldn't pee so frequently . We got past that fairly nicely though.

I'm wondering maybe he's too cold to pull his trousers and pants down to sit on the potty? Should I try and warm it or just try and get him used to it? It is rather chilly today, and I have no idea when the heating will be on. I've no control over it. I've got no friends and no family with kids, so nobody to ask!

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