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How to help my dd (7) deal with being angry

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CountingToThree Wed 05-Oct-16 23:08:02

Any tips for helping my daughter dealing with feeling cross or angry - specifically with me or dh?

Her tantrums can usually be linked to tiredness but she doesn't recognise this. Full on tantrums lead to stomping, door slamming and room trashing I'd expect of a teenager. What can I do/say to help her deal with her feelings whilst not backing down from whatever we're arguing over?

(as a note, we are not generally an argumentative family, she is copying
our behaviour)

CaptinMuma Fri 07-Oct-16 10:24:39

When my DD age 9 gets overwhelmed with her emotions she gets time out in her room until she is ready to talk to us in a proper tone. It means I get time to cool off to lol the first time she kicked off and trashed her room but after having to tidy it herself after that no longet happens.

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