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Kids Phobias - a lighter look!

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mollipops Wed 29-May-02 07:48:51

This made me smile and I wanted to share it here, hope it makes you smile too!

Agoraphobia - fear of open spaces, esp tidy bedrooms
Anthropophobia - fear of people, particularly at bathtime
Aquaphobia - fear of water - bathwater!
Brontophobia - fear of loud noises like thunder, (their own loud noises are not included in this fear)
Claustrophobia - fear of being closed in, by seatbelts
Menophobia - fear of being alone, usually at 5am
Numerophobia - fear of numbers, especially mum counting to 3
Trychophobia - fear of hair (being brushed or washed)
Xenophobia - fear of strangers (unless they have a gift or treat)

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