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7yo dd lonely with no friends

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starwarsismyreligon Tue 04-Oct-16 09:31:18

My 7yo dd is miserable at school. She Is being excluded from the groups of girls in the playground and she is lonely and very aware that she has no friends. It just breaks my heart
She is a lovely little soul, sprightly and mischievous, I don't think she clicks with the other little girls, but she is very aware of this and I worry about the effect on her self esteem

Cathaka15 Tue 04-Oct-16 09:38:58

Have you spoken to the school ? Maybe make them aware she's not clicking with kids in her class and find ways to include her with some of the kids during playtime. Does the school have a friendship bench? My Ds used to come home snd say mummy I didn't have anyone to play with at school today so I sat on the friendship bench and some kids came to me and asked if I wanted to play. Loved that idea.

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