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3 year old intimidating other playmates on home territory!

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highechin Mon 03-Oct-16 16:24:03

My 3 year plays well away from home with all ages and at nursery. He plays well at home with much younger (babies / young toddlers) or older (primary / secondary age school children) or if there are groups of children.

However, one to one, with similar age children (2 in particular, others he is OK with) he can be extremely intimidating. Scowling, shouting at the other children, being particularly territorial about toys and generally being unpleasant.

He is fine with these two children at their houses or in a group when they are at our house.

When I ask him why he is behaving like this he says he is worried they will take his toys home. I reassure him that this not the case (and I haven't ever given his toys away to these children), but he is adamant they've come round to take his toys home.

His behaviour is consistently awful from the offset when either of these children visit. So much so that i have to constantly intervene, talk to him, sit him away from the "fun" while we discuss his behaviour, ask him to be kind to the other child etc etc.

He is a strong willed character... and I've tried the "naughty step" type technique for this scenario...

In all other respects he is a happy go lucky child.... has good conversation skills, can definitely express himself verbally...

Any tips? Thanks :-)

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