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Ds (nearly 2) not interested in physical play

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porsmork Sun 02-Oct-16 22:10:34

Hi, not really worried about this, just curious.

My Ds is nearly two. He loves toy cars, trains and things that go. He's a very good walker, and generally all round happy chap. Active and curious. Recently, there's been discussion with people I know with similar age kids (boys and girls) about Christmas and birthday presents. A lot are getting balance bikes, cosy coupes, trikes, or similar. Their little ones seem very keen on riding these things. My Ds has been shown and offered these toys a lot (nursery, play groups, friends' houses etc), and just isn't bothered. He loves pushing them, and watching the wheels turn, but has no interest in riding or propelling himself along. He also doesn't seem to be bothered with the park or soft play (I hate the latter, so, ones); slides, swings etc. He just wanders around looking at the other children on them, will climb on stairs and steps etc, then asks to move on with our walk. If he's popped on a swing, he'll just ask to get down again. He'll go on a slide, but prefers rolling objects down them, to going down them himself. He just seems such a contrast to these very physical kids I see everywhere.

As I say, I'm not worried, he is who he is, and definitely gets fresh air and exercise, but I'd like to hear if anyone else found the same with their little ones, and if an interest came later, or not at all.

To be honest, it has advantages in that he's totally happy going for long walks with me without any paraphernalia, I just feel a little like he's different in not being a manic, highly charged toddler that everyone expects.

Was your toddler like this, and if so, how did their interests develop as they grew up?

VioletBam Sun 02-Oct-16 23:35:55

My DD was like this. All of her little friends were loving the slide or their bikes at 2 but she wasn't at all bothered.

She's 12 now and still not interested in physical play and wasn't when she was younger either. She has recently made some new friends who love gymnastics and to please them she's made a bit of an effort to try to learn cartwheels etc but she's never going to be sporty as such I don't think.

She loves crafts, reading and talking! As long as your DS CAN climb stairs and things then I wouldn't worry. When he goes to preschool they will however encourage climbing and hopping and balancing as it's part of education at that age....they make it seem fun though...he sounds lovely OP so don't worry.

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