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2 year old and his behaviour

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sleepy16 Thu 29-Sep-16 11:48:45

Was looking for help for my two year old ds, he was born at 38 weeks had milk allergy and reflux but has now outgrown them.
He started walking at 9 months, said a few words by 12 months was just a normal developing child.
Until we hit 12 months, he started to regress.
Everything he had learnt was lost, he has now recovered very few words (mum,dad,doggy) and clapping etc which he seems to forget how he can do it.
You can call him any name and he will answer to it (he does with a grunt ).
You ask him were is ball etc and he will grunt at you.
He hates noise and covers his ears, finds playgroups challenging.
He is quite volient, hits out,bites,throw toys.
Constantly hurting other children and adults.
Ive tried time out (on lap for every 1 min of his life,not talking to him).
I've tried distraction,tried saying on his level "that is not very nice" but tbh he just doesn't understand.
I think people are starting to hate us being at groups and tbh I don't blame them I wouldn't be happy if my child was being hurt.
I just don't know how I can help stop this behaviour, I just want to help him.

Kariana Thu 29-Sep-16 12:14:08

Have you been to the doctor about the regression? To be honest this does sound like a potential ASD but I'm not an expert and I really think you should be seeking expert help, particularly as he lost his language skills. It's always worth getting these things checked.

sleepy16 Thu 29-Sep-16 12:33:04

I have the hv coming to do his 2 year review in two weeks.
And the hv is aware but wanted to wait until he was over two to see how he is then because even if he did have any issues no one would see him at the age of 1.
I have an older child with ASD and have wondered if my 2 year does have it but I don't want to make assumptions as he is still quite young.
I just don't want my child to be signalled out already by others because of his behaviour towards them and other children.
I can see on there faces how they feel about my son, and already givend a naughty label.

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