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School Visit - Kids have home tutors

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WittyCakeMeister Thu 29-Sep-16 11:22:00

I just visited our local primary school this morning, and the Head said that most of the children have home tutors. The school has excellent results, but now I'm thinking - is that because all the kids have home tutoring?! If my child does not get home Maths/English tutoring does this mean she is not going to do as well as the others and feel she's 'behind'? I do not necessarily want to have to pay for tutors - it's really expensive.

So maybe the fab results do not necessarily reflect the teaching standards within the school. Should I let this put me off?

I also find that Head teachers are often quite difficult and don't have great people skills (believe it or not, as they are dealing with people all the time). I used to teach, so have experienced a few from that perspective, but also on these visits, I've found some to be quite defensive, flat and cold in their manner. I'm not to let this colour my view of the schools. because in constrast, the teaching staff have seemed really friendly and warm.

I came home from the visit this morning, however. feeling quite flat about the school, which is a shame as it's on our street.

VioletBam Thu 29-Sep-16 11:36:11

I think head teacher's are often a bit cold because in the UK these days, they have an almost impossible job.

I wouldn't be put off but neither would I get home tutors unless I wanted my child to enter a grammar school later.

Talk to some of the parents if you can...get their feedback.

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