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9 year old tantrums. Feel like I can't deal with them?

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oopsIdiditagain21 Wed 28-Sep-16 10:27:04

My 9 year old dd has recently started having quite a few massive meltdowns when she doesn't get her own way. They can be triggered by various things like not wanting to go out at the weekend (just wants to sit in her pyjamas and watch tv) , her brother plugging in her ds to charge the battery (she wanted to do it) and then last night because she wanted to listen to a cd in bed and wasn't allowed (we had agreed that she wouldn't do this in the morning as she doesn't get to sleep when it is on and is still awake at 10pm).

It starts as moaning then she screams, cries, refuses to stop, follows us round, won't go to her room unless we physically put her there (which we have resorted to but have to practically drag her there so not ideal). Nothing else stops her - threatened to take away toys, ban screen time etc.

Really want to deal with this now before she gets too much older and trantrums are even harder to handle. BTW she is model student at school or when out in public so she knows how she should behave!

VioletBam Thu 29-Sep-16 01:40:22

It's highly possible that this is hormonal. My DD began to show hormonal changes at 9 and it isn't easy. I find it's VITAL to keep sugar intake to an absolute minimum so I stopped her having any sweets or processed foods during the week.

I would let her have say a homemade cake after her tea now and then but not daily.

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