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8 week immunisations

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Carta60 Tue 27-Sep-16 19:02:51

Hi my DD had her 8 week jabs this afternoon. Given calpol as instructed she was very sleepy for first 4 hours. Then had a real crying episode, i gave the next calpol dose and she is taking breast feeds. I'm not overly worried but wondered if this sounds fairly normal: no temp at the moment

Idefix Tue 27-Sep-16 19:09:08

Sounds very typical. Mine were both very sensitive afterwards and fed more than usual.

gemsparkle84 Wed 28-Sep-16 13:27:23

My little girl had her 8 week injections, gave calpol, came home, slept for about 4 hours then woke, fed and was pretty normal if not just a bit unsettled. Sounds normal to me. Hope she's ok, I'm sure she will be xx

Sandsnake Wed 28-Sep-16 13:35:38

Sounds normal. The new Men B jab seems to really take it out of them at eight weeks. DS did nothing but sleep / cry for 24 hours. The second dose is at 16 weeks and in my / my friends' experience is nowhere near as bad.

scarednoob Wed 28-Sep-16 16:18:27

Yep, sounds absolutely normal! If she's covered up, just check the site of the jab - my DD's thigh swelled up and we didn't notice for a while as she was wearing a babygrow. We took her to hospital to be safe but it was nothing; in fact dr said it meant her immune system worked.

She breezed through the next 2 sets of jabs btw, so it seems it's only the 8 week ones that really take it out of them! Hope she manages to sleep soon.

Carta60 Thu 29-Sep-16 00:28:23

Thanks all. Slept well in between calpol doses, some crying but right as rain after 24 hours, usual smiley self by following afternoon smile

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