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5 year old bad behaviour

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Sarahmolly Tue 27-Sep-16 16:30:52

Ok so long story but...
Officially split with kids dad three years ago. Didnt actually move out of the family home until 3 months ago.
My 5yo has been having accidents now and again for a few months before this which i assumed was just his laziness or not wanting to stop his play to go to the toilet. Once i did find poo smeared on the side of his bed but i again asaumed that was just a one off.
He hasnt taken the separation well at all despite still seeing both parents most week days. He is fine leaving me but terrible leaving his dad. Full blown tantrums hurting himself and destruction of anything within range.
To add to this he has had two episodes of fecal smearing at my house and one at his dads.
Today topped it off with a tantrum coming out of school because i wouldnt take him to my house to pick toys up to take to his dads (he has a ridiculous amount of toys there and i dont drive) he lay on the floor and screamed at me 'this is why i dont want to live with you'. I had to carry him home which was horrendous and he is really heavy.
At my wits end. GP says wait and see. School got him a councillor whom i know he has seen once.
Any help appreciated

VioletBam Wed 28-Sep-16 01:48:07

Is his Dad trustworthy? I know that's a blunt question, but are you confident that he is safe and well cared for when he is with his Dad?

Believeitornot Wed 28-Sep-16 06:43:58

He's not coping with the split I think.

He's attention seeking poor thing. How is his dad with him? How often does he see him?

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