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6 month old won't touch morning bottle due to night feeds

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Chocolateyclaire76 Tue 27-Sep-16 09:44:35

My LO has been barely touching her milk until 11ish and I'm pretty sure her night feeds are to blame.

She currently has 210ml at 6.15pm and then sleeps until around 10pm when she will drink about another 150ml. This will last until around 3am when we give her a watered down 120ml, which she sometimes drinks 90ml of.

I don't know how to cut down on night feeds when she's hungry as it all seems rather counterproductive with regards to morning bottle!

Embolio Tue 27-Sep-16 23:43:19

Just watching with interest as my LO is the same age and exactly the same.

I've noticed she's taking less during the day as she gets so distracted, but then wants to tank up at night.

She has a bottle about 7pm - 180ml and one at around 11pm 120-180ml and then usually sleeps til about 5.30/6am. When she wakes up she has a very small feed, 30-90ml usually and then wont drink more than a few sips all morning - today it was 12.30 before she would take a bottle.

She's weaning but not eating loads - still on purées and a few finger foods. I'm wondering about instigating a dreaded 'routine' or maybe just offering smaller amounts more frequently during the day.

DS1 had a 3am feed for ages, I think I gradually cut it down to 120ml and then gradually watered it down to 50/50 milk/water and only gave him the bare minimum to tide him over until he got fed up and slept through. He would have been a wee bit older though, maybe 9-10 months? I know I was confident that he couldn't be 'hungry' as such.

Sorry I'm no help! Just goes to show, 3 kids and they are all completely different grin

Basicbrown Wed 05-Oct-16 19:10:48

If she is having 90ML only at 3am then she isn't hungry.

Does she wake naturally for the 10.30pm feed or are you waking her up? It might be worth trying her without entirely.

TBH with both of mine their milk consumption reduced massively once they were on solids. All this they 'must' have 500ml a day.... er OK then.

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