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Needy and whiney five year old girl

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Corneliagoescamping Sun 25-Sep-16 09:16:43

My daughter is the middle child and is a kind, affectionate and sensitive girl. She has good friends at school and is very well behaved at school and was at nursery. At home however she is constantly, constantly demanding attention and crying and whining at me. This has gone on for a couple of years now and we have had temporary success with sticker charts, constantly ensuring we don't do things if she whines and only if she asks nicely and trying to give her time on her own when we are able to to make her feel special. I find the constant whining 'mummy, mummy, mummy' and shrieking at me really exhausting and I can't understand how we haven't managed to get on top of this behaviour. It means every ounce of my patience is used up on her. I know it's partly her age but it is driving me mad! Any tips?!

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