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TTC but 4 year old terrified of babies!!

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1sttimemummyedinburgh Sat 24-Sep-16 14:02:10

Hello we have a 4 year old son and are currently trying to have another however our son is just terrified of babies. He can't stand when they cry and he crys he needs to leave the room and can be uncontrollable with his tears. He is worried when they are not crying that they are going great to start. I don't no what to do iv explained why babies cry etc but it doesn't help.

He has this issue also with hand dryers but they are easier to avoid!!

Any experience with this? We desperately want another but is this just cruel what will life be like if he doesn't get over it. X

Andro Sat 24-Sep-16 15:23:58

This could be a hearing issue, for some people the cry of a baby isn't just unpleasant it's painful (I'm one of them). I have a hyperacusis diagnosis, I have never been able to get over it and never my case nothing could be done to train my hearing.

Talk to him, find out if it's a pain issue. Some children do grow out of the major sensitivity, others learn to manage their lives to deal with the issues permanent sensitivity cause.

Yeeyeelovesraaraa Sun 25-Sep-16 19:32:59

My son was like this before we had another child. DD arrived when he was 4.5.and DS has amazed us completely by having no issue with her (or her crying) whatsoever, despite finding cries of other children, or indeed any other kids even getting close to him, quite distressing. He absolutely dotes on his baby sister & its lovely to see.

He too disliked hand dryers, & found many other loud noises too much to cope withwhen he was younger - he's 6 now & can cope with it all. He may just surprise you!

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