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Not listening and messing around

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Fairytalefancies Thu 22-Sep-16 18:21:31

Looking for advice. Feeling pretty crap as a mother right now. My 9 yr old has always been a law unto himself, determined young lad. He's quite bright. He has always caused a bother in school. Reception and y1 always found a friend to mess around with not listen to teacher and not follow rules. Y2 was better apart from ripping a teachers book and a few moments of madness. Y3 pretty bad again messing with friends throwing things in class bits of paper, rubbers etc. Then we moved changed schools hoping any bad influences would be gone and he would become better behaved as its a smaller school smaller classes. Well he is beginning to become a problem for the teacher. Not listening, getting up from his seat and the latest throwing rubbers a a girl singling her out. I feel so deflated about that. Not sure what to do about it. We have these issues at home too be now it's affecting school and other kids I'm in need of help. Anyone else had problems like this? Is it my poor parenting or is there something wrong with him? He still wets the bed every night! He's a happy boy though so can't really link any obvious upset.

Tippytoes13 Thu 22-Sep-16 22:07:22

When you say you have issues at home, what are those?
If he still wets the bed, I think it's something you should speak to the doctor about, there could be a medical reason?

Colabottle10 Fri 23-Sep-16 07:01:57

We have these issues at home too be now it's affecting school and other kids I'm in need of help.

This is the issue, you've not corrected his behaviour at home so he thinks it's acceptable. What sanctions do you put in place when he misbehaves?

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