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Rude and stroppy six year old

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user1474554841 Thu 22-Sep-16 15:40:24

My little girl is 6 and a half. She is a pleasure to be around most of the time, and always well behaved at school and social situations, and other times she's a total nightmare. She can be very rude, stroppy and disrespectful. She ignores us in the mornings when we try and talk to her and talks back when she is disciplined. Tantrums tend to escalate very rapidly when she doesn't get her own way and my partner and I are struggling at times for effective ways to deal with this behaviour.
Anyone have any ideas on best practice for this type of behaviour?!
Thank you. smile

Believeitornot Thu 22-Sep-16 21:33:34

My 6 year old gets like this - he's worse when tired. It's like he has massive emotions flowing through him and doesn't know how to handle them.

So we try and help him articulate his feelings. Not by telling him to "tell us how you feel", but to say "I think you're feeling X because of y". So he can tell me.

I also give him a cuddle if he seems overwhelmed and upset even if it's because he can't have something. I don't give in, I just offer comfort.

I also give him a bit more independence. Let him try and chop vegetables, cook with him etc.

Also pick battles and actually think about why I'm asking for something. Try and reason with him.

As he gets older we have to adapt our approach!

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