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DD (3) wants to sleep on our floor

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NannyPlumsMagicTrick Mon 19-Sep-16 16:10:07

DD has just turned three, and has been coming in to our bedroom most nights. All she's needed is a quick cuddle and to be put back into bed but it's playing havoc with my insomnia! I'm 30 weeks PG and I have a feeling she's feeling a little bit clingy and insecure (it stopped while she was off nursery for summer hols and spent all her time with me and DH). She goes to bed and to sleep fine around 7/7.30, just wakes up most nights and I have to get up to put her back - and it's me she wants, if DH does it she'll just get up again confused

She's also taken to coming and lying on the floor by our bed when she wakes early, say 6am - there's always a cushion or two and the bedspread there - and just chills while we wake up. Last night she came in about 3.30 am and just snuggled up on the floor and went to sleep! She's always hated being in our bed but seems to like being close to us - I'm tempted to just make a comfy spot for her there each night, certainly would help us all get some sleep.

Anyone had the same? Just a phase do you reckon? Not quite sure what'll happen when the baby comes though!

KanyesVest Mon 19-Sep-16 16:15:33

If you have space for a little mattress/nest for her on the floor, I'd let her. Do whatever you need for everyone to get the sleep they need!

Twistergeese Mon 19-Sep-16 16:52:46

I'd give my right arm for a child that snuggles down and waits for us to wake like civilised people. DS is awake and on from about 6am. I'm just glad that he's making it to 6 now. Make a nest, let her come through, it's great for her and you still have your space in bed. Perfect.m

Fwiw my son was clingy before baby arrived, took to waking at night, sleeping with us etc. baby was born and he settled right down. In four months he's only been through a couple of times which is great but also makes me sad. I hope he doesn't feel pushed out.

Keep dd close, she's only tiny still and awaiting a new arrival is daunting.

NannyPlumsMagicTrick Mon 19-Sep-16 17:40:14

Yeah that's how I feel - she's little and needs to be near us at the moment. I've always been quite strict about bedtimes, staying in bed, good routines etc so part of me feels slightly paranoid I'm setting myself up for some massive problem later! All that rod for own back guff. But I love having her all snuggled up nearby.

Interesting Twister your DS was the same - Im hoping once DS is here she'll realise nothing much has changed and her comfy big girls bed is much more peaceful! wishful thinking perhaps

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