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Normal or worrying?

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NoMoreAngstPls Sun 18-Sep-16 20:47:14

DS (7yo) has major trouble with sitting still, especially in school. His teacher has mentioned that he thinks there's a possibility that DS has ADHD (although admitted he didn't have much first hand experience of the "symptoms"). School are trying to combat the sitting issue by using a special cushion. They have also flagged that DS shouts out a lot rather than putting his hand up -but have noted that this seems to be a compulsion iyswim, rather than 'naughtiness'.

At home we have issues of constant humming/whistling/singing, and constant questions (with no thought to the point of the questions iyswim). He will watch a film in the cinema fairly calmly, but fidgets terribly when watching tv as a family at home. Same when reading/being read to. Ok with Xbox!

He gets bored very easily, doesn't enjoy tasks/chores AT ALL, hates waiting for anything -fidgets, whines etc.

Lots of this behaviour seemed perfectly normal when he was 4 or 5, but there has been no improvement in mood, concentration, fidgeting etc in the last few years. I find it hard to tell if he is just a bit young for his age or something else.

It doesn't help that DH struggles hugely with his behaviour. DH has definite ASD tendencies (undiagnosed ) and finds the constant noise and fidgeting from DS very stressful, which leads to fraught family times . DS can also be quite negative and gets easily fed up and frustrated, which DH thinks he needs to grow out of.

I'm struggling to see how to try to improve the situation. Part of me thinks DS will grow out of this behaviour, the other part thinks that understanding more about ADHD would give DH and I better tools to help DS, rather than just badging him as 'hard work'.

NoMoreAngstPls Sun 18-Sep-16 21:14:46

Sorry for long post!

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