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Anxiety over clubs and DC's with SEN

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notgivingin789 Sat 17-Sep-16 18:35:21

Hey all;

I have a DS who is 6 and has a diagnosis of; social communication disorder and severe verbal dyspraxia.

I wanted to ask you parents, which some of you may have children with SEN, if you personally have experienced become anxious into taking your child into enriched activities after school/clubs e.g.; taekwondo, swimming, cycling and so forth.

I ask this because I feel like I'm becoming over protective with DS, which is not healthy. I'm worried to take him into clubs (taekwondo, rock climbing) in fear of him being bullied by others and being ridiculed. I think this is due to my experience of being bullied when I was younger and I constantly worry that DS would have the exact same experience, due to his SEN and being vulnerable; hence why I don't take him into certain activities with him.

I think the way I am going is not healthy at all for DS. Even though DS has SEN; I need to "let go" (obviously keeping in mind of his limitations and what he can handle etc). Though, I'm finding it hard to do this. I know DS will love to join our local cycling club; but I have fear of "what if others pick on him"; or "DS may have a meltdown, how would others react?".

I want to teach DS that despite he has a disability, he can do what he truly wants to do (obviously keeping in mind of his limitations). But I don't think my actions are reflecting this.

Have other parents face this feeling? Have you had any problems of "letting go". How can I stop feeling like this as it is damaging for DS and it is holding him back.

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