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Unfortunately another yellow card!

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Msqueen33 Fri 16-Sep-16 16:00:44

My dd has just moved into year 3. They're a lot stricter and work on a two warnings then a yellow card then red card system. Week two and she's had three yellow cards. She struggles not to talk. The trouble is when we talk about it at home she's not bothered at all. She's a very sweet girl but home is difficult as she has two siblings with serious Sen. They require a lot of care. I don't want to punish her as she did it at school but how do I make her aware that it's not funny. She was diagnosed a few months ago with an autoimmune disease which means she has to follow a rigid diet that comes with a lot of restrictions. I just want her to take it seriously or should I not be worried?!

Bluecarrot Fri 16-Sep-16 16:08:10

Can you practice "quiet time" with her? Start really gradually - a minute to begin with. Work out some strategies with her like what she could do to remind herself later of things she wants to say during quiet time, so she can remember to talk about them in lunch break etc
Is she doing well with schoolwork? Is the work too easy or hard? Can she focus?

Andro Fri 16-Sep-16 16:14:41

Her diet is restricted, her home life is difficult and she has an autoimmune condition - how much support is she receiving to cope with her life? It is quite possible that she is at her limit of being able to care and her personal tension is being released at school.

She could also be engaging in some attention seeking behaviours.

I just want her to take it seriously

She is already having to take a huge amount seriously! You are right to have concerns, but I think you dd needs help (and may be an impartial ear) not remonstrations and sanctions.

Msqueen33 Fri 16-Sep-16 16:31:14

Blue carrot that's a good idea. Sitting with her and timing quiet time. She's always hit expected levels but I think she's finding it tough as she's gone from infants to juniors and is finding them a lot stricter and I don't have the time in the week to spend with her that I'd like. My dh also works long hours.

That's a good point Andro. I think it's hard for her to understand her siblings conditions as she's only seven and she's grown up with it. Some of it I think is attention, some of it she just can't help herself. We have parents evening next month so depending on what her teacher says I might ask if she can be referred to a school counsellor.

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