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Large Head and Extra Fluid what can this mean

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kbb23 Thu 15-Sep-16 16:43:52

DS 12months has had to have a head scan due to large head (over 99th centile). During the head scan we were told that DS brain looks fine however there is a little extra fluid in the skull. He said he would refer it back to dr to look at as could be nothing but could be something and we would hear back in 2-3weeks. I'm now worrying loads does anyone know what the extra fluid could cause?

elliejjtiny Thu 15-Sep-16 16:50:34

It depends where the fluid is exactly. My 3 year old has extra fluid in the ventricles in his brain and around the outside of his brain, although the fluid round the outside is reducing slowly.

kbb23 Thu 15-Sep-16 17:09:02

They said the brain itself looked clear just a little extra fluid on the outside brain.

elliejjtiny Thu 15-Sep-16 17:33:16

That sounds positive. The fluid on the outside of my son's brain isn't a problem for him.

TheGruffaloMother Thu 15-Sep-16 17:41:20

Was his large head the sole reason for referral? DD's head is well over the 99th centile line and has been from birth. All medical professionals are happy that no investigation is necessary as she's developing very well.

kbb23 Thu 15-Sep-16 18:44:16

Thanks ellie. Gruffalo he has always had a large head even in measurements done in scans throughout my pregnancy. No one mentioned it as a problem until we took him to hospital for a fever a few weeks ago and then the dr brought it up. I'm trying not to worry its just frustrating having to wait

TheGruffaloMother Thu 15-Sep-16 21:07:43

Try not to get yourself too worked up about it until you have some more information. Like in your case, DD was 1 before anyone suggested her head size could be an issue. If so many medical professionals can ignore something they specifically measure for that often, chances are it's extremely rare its a symptom of anything sinister without a cluster of other symptoms. I took her to a doctor after a HV suggested it. The doctor wasn't in the least bit concerned.

I hope he's feeling better now. How long is your wait?

kbb23 Fri 16-Sep-16 18:38:11

thanks gruffalo should here back in 2-3weeks just seems like a long time. He doesnt seem to have any other issues so just hoping its an overly cautious doctor

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