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Any experience or advice for 7 year old boy not dry at night

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BoysRule Wed 14-Sep-16 20:38:00

DS1 has recently turned 7. He has never been dry at night - still wearing pull ups. DS2 was dry at night at 2.

Now he has turned 7 I am going to book a doctors appointment and see what our options are.

Has anyone else been in this situation and what have the Drs advised?

We have:
Lifted around 10.30pm. It is incredibly difficult to wake him (he is a very deep sleeper - which may be part of the problem) and he doesn't wee. Then wets the bed later on.
Gone cold turkey - he wets the bed every night and often doesn't wake up until the morning.
No drinks after 5.30pm and a wee before bed time is standard.

He often wets through the pull up.


dragonfly123 Wed 14-Sep-16 20:44:09

No advice but we are in a similar situation but he will be wet by the time we try to lift him. We went to the doctors and he advised not to worry, kids need to produce a hormone to stop them producing urine at night and for some Dc that happens later, he did though prescribe something (sorry will try and find out the name) to use for odd occasions such as sleep overs.

IvysMum12 Wed 14-Sep-16 21:03:12

"ERIC" is a charity that helps children with enuresis. We had been fobbed off by doctors and health visitors. Anti diuretic hormone tablets were useless. He was even prescribed amitryptilline which made no difference at all. ERIC were lovely when I rang them, and after a discussion I bought an alarm which clips into pyjama bottoms and buzzes at the slightest moisture. The child wakes, and gets up and goes to the loo. He was 8 years old by then, and we had an immediate 99 percent success rate.
This was 18 years ago and I've just looked on the Internet and these alarms are available from Amazon as well.
Bed wetting is miserable for these poor children, so the best of luck!

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