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Dealing with sensitive kids as they grow older

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AperolSpitz Tue 13-Sep-16 20:32:52

My six year old DS is a warm,friendly, imaginative boy and also super sensitive about lots of stuff especially others getting upset or sometimes just really little things not being quite right.

It's not like he's bratty about it but gets genuinely distressed when others are distressed (he ran away when DD hurt her eye at dinner and cried) and can get very weepy and waily over some daft stuff eg slightly unfair turn taking or even a rip in a pancake (but he doesn't demand it to be changed or anything).

Anyone else got tips for how to speak to him about it? We're trying the usual "you are upset" acknowledgment stuff but at 6 I wonder whether we should start pointing out that he needs to toughen up a bit. Is there a kids' version of "don't sweat the small stuff"?

Sleepybunny Thu 15-Sep-16 20:48:01

Sounds like you're taking a sensible approach. It's tricky as it's obviously his personality and not a bad thing either! But I get what you mean about 'toughening up'

Have you tried going the other way and ignoring? So pancake gets torn, he gets upset, just breeze past it all saying "oh dear never mind, I'm sue it tastes just as good" or make a joke out of it, see if you can make him laugh.

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