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Is it normal for a 7-year-old boy not to say hello to adults?

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poppytin Tue 13-Sep-16 13:05:05

I'm embarrassed with this question, but still would like to ask.

My son has started year 3 and it is still very difficult to remind him of saying hello and goodbye to adults, including his teachers. He keeps asking 'why'.

Is it still normal for a child to behave like this, or do we as parents need to try much harder?

Thank you

freetrampolineforall Tue 13-Sep-16 13:08:27

Always have to prompt ours. She doesn't do it automatically.

Comiconce Tue 13-Sep-16 13:25:50

Mine wouldn't at that age but that was due to extreme shyness.

With yours it sounds like a choice he's made. Does he say please and thank you, or would he also ask why?

poppytin Tue 13-Sep-16 15:50:27

Hi, I also need to prompt him to say please and thank you.

poppytin Tue 13-Sep-16 15:50:51

Hi, I also need to prompt him to say please and thank you.

DubiousCredentials Tue 13-Sep-16 16:04:16

Normal if my two are anything to go by.

OSETmum Tue 13-Sep-16 16:10:55

I guess it's down to how sociable the child is. DS (7) is a very sociable little thing so would always want to interact with anyone he meets. Tbh I do think it's rude when children don't say hello to people when they meet them. I'd be pretty mad if he didn't say please and thank you too.

Badders123 Tue 13-Sep-16 16:20:43

My ds1 wouldn't. He was very shy and HATED strangers.
Ds2 otoh would quite happily say hello and chat away to anyone for ages
My ds1 is now 13 and recently helped my sil host a baby shower at her house.
She said he was amazing and spoke to everyone there.
He also baked most of the cakes!
They do change.
Don't panic too much.

Alwaysmeadulting Tue 13-Sep-16 16:27:03

Some kids do. Some don't. Mine didn't. Still struggled at 9. Think found being sociable very difficult.

I would remind them if you know a situation is coming up. Perhaps have a reminder phrase. Also practice it because it does make a big difference to how people perceive your kids. If he asks why send you say reasons - does he remember them? Are your reasons too long winded maybe?
Don't worry. Not all kids are sociable chatter boxes.

AmeliaJack Tue 13-Sep-16 16:31:31

I think you have to keep prompting him OP until it's automatic.

And the answer to "why?" is because it is rude not to.

You could perhaps do some funny role playing so he can see what it is like to serve someone who doesn't say thank you or hello.

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