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Almost 7 behaviour issues

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Strubo Mon 12-Sep-16 17:21:36

DS is almost 7 and in P3, he's one of the youngest in his class. Last year he was getting put onto red in the class traffic light system at least twice a week but it was getting to a point that I felt he was being put down for minor things as the teacher had had enough of him. This year his new teacher started brilliantly, she was showering him with praise, lots of positive reinforcement and it was working for a the first couple of weeks.

Three weeks ago I was called in at pickup as he had been fighting in the playground, he was given lunchtime detention and he was really upset about it. I thought that might calm him down as he had been so upset. Then the following week he bit another child in the class, I was asked to come in again and he got detention again. Then today he is on red again as he was nasty to a little girl in his class with cerebral palsy, apparently he laughed at her work and was cruel to her.

I'm so ashamed of his behaviour, I have no idea why he is doing it, when you ask him he just says he doesn't know and the school day he shows no remorse.

Today he said he finds it hard as his head goes crazy at school as he has to "think think think all the time". I think he struggles with anger management as well. I have no idea how to help him and I feel useless.

Strubo Sat 29-Oct-16 23:30:26

Bumping to see if anyone has any ideas

Wolfiefan Sat 29-Oct-16 23:34:15

He needs to learn some empathy. How would he feel if he were in their position.
Does he get the chance to let off steam safely? Exercise can help hugely.
Put down for minor things as teacher had had enough of him. That's a bit of a red flag for me. He's behaving badly enough for the teacher to be sick of him but you think the teacher is picking on him. Don't minimise his behaviour. He needs to know you support the school.
And why isn't so important as what he does and what consequences there are for that behaviour.
If he finds school overwhelming what are they doing about that though?

Strubo Sun 30-Oct-16 19:09:19

I agree he needs to learn empathy however it's a hard thing to teach! If you ask him how he would feel in this situation he can tell you he would be sad, it doesn't stop him doing it again though!

He does get plenty of exercise as I agree it's very important to let off steam in a safe environment. He swims, does a football class and goes to beavers.

He knows we fully support the school. Last year when I felt the teacher was picking on him I didn't let him know that and continued with the consequences we had put in place for bad behaviour at school (removal of screen time).

His behaviour has improved since the October break as he isn't being aggressive to others. However he is still behaving badly by not co-operating with his teacher, shouting over her and others and rolling his eyes at her when she speaks. He is the youngest in his year group and I think he finds school quite overwhelming sometimes.

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