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Worried please any advice.

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Mummy3229 Sun 11-Sep-16 21:40:32

New here but could do with some advice to rest my mind or weather to go to the hospital.
I have my first DD and she is 6 months old now and has been great even though have sleepless nights.

My concern at the moment is she doesn't seem her self she has been pale and dark eyed for a few days and very very tired. She sleep from 2000hrs to 5 or 6ish but struggles through the day to hold a hour of sleep in her nap times. So she has 30 min naps but always seems to fight the sleep?also she has diarrhea. She has wet nappies but not as wet as they where before?
Me and my partner are worriesd there is something wrong so we taken our DD to the hospital and they done temp checks,sugar levels and all was ok. We then went to doctor and said she may have stomach bug so give her some dirralyte. We have done this but no change and her eyes look really dark and still tired alot....oh and she mus be teething because is biting everything she can her hands on and very aggressively.

Please any advice would be great or past experience. .. trying to avoid Google as in situations like this it's not our friend.


isthistoonosy Sun 11-Sep-16 21:44:43

Assuming she eats about every 3 hrs of give her a feed and about an hr later give her Calpol and at naptime cuddle her to sleep. She sounds over tired.
Hopefully that would help her get a longer nap

milkjetmum Sun 11-Sep-16 21:45:02

Any changes in her diet? Did you move to follow on formula or start with solid food?That would be my first thought.

Teething can cause diahorrea. Do you give her calpol or ibuprofen? Give those a try and if she looks better for it it might be teething.

But as always trust your instincts, if you think something is wrong go back to the doctors

Mummy3229 Sun 11-Sep-16 22:03:28

Thanks both for the reply; started weaning roughly 5-6 wks ago with a small bit of porridge in the morning then once she seemed happy to take it I moved on to a bit of dinner offering a small amount of veg or heinze powdered food which she seemed to enjoy and was doing so well, until thurs/Friday wen she started to refuse her food and milk. Milk only cut down by a few ounces a day when taking food and night feed was completely cut out as she was not waking. Because she was not feeding so well on food and started to refuse I moved her on to c&g follow on milk and now she doesn't seem to be taking much of that either only has 3-4 ounces every 3 hours, where has before weaning would take 5-6 ounce every 3 hours, plus I do try to offer her water in between but only has roughly 2 ounces through the day if that. If she cries I do all other stuff change nappy, try to comfort her etc if still upset I offer her milk but will only take a few sips or may a ounce, she just seems very grizzly and fighting sleep even though i do rock her to help her to sleep, il put her down and within 10 min she is awake again.

milkjetmum Sun 11-Sep-16 22:11:24

Go back to stage 1 milk I'd say (there is no need to change).

Sounds like teething to me, the bottle can be too sore for them so they refuse. Try giving painkillers about 1hr before a feed maybe? Or bongela?

If you think she is dehydrated or still refusing milk after painkillers I'd go back to the doctor

Mummy3229 Sun 11-Sep-16 22:20:17

Thanks - will go back to stage 1 formula also try the calpol before feeds maybe she will take more and get back to eating well! A lot of people say teething but because it's my first child I'm thinking all sorts.

darthpaul Sun 11-Sep-16 23:04:51

If you have a good health visitor they may be able to have a look at her and offer more help than the doctor if it is more developmental or feeding/teething issues etc. Health visitors can be really knowledgable in ways GPs may not be.

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