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terrible fives??

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logansr2010 Fri 09-Sep-16 21:51:42

hi, please can you help?

I am having a really hard time at the moment with my five year old boys behavior.
He is out of control, smacking and punching me, constantly ignoring everything i say to him, screaming and shouting if he doesnt get his own way (its like he just sees red and isn't bothered who he upsets in the process), once finished he is full of apologies and cuddles and kisses. Ive tried behavior charts such as having a chart and starting at three everyday, if he does something good he moves up one and if hes bad he moves down one and his aim was to get to five everyday, and he would have 20p for his money box to spend on what he wanted at the end of the week, usually something from the pound shop, anyway this lasted a little while until he started being naughty and wasn't bothered if he didn't get his money.
Lately everything has become a bribe with him; if he was good in the supermarket he would get a treat but as soon as we were home he would then begin to play up and again having his treat taken off him wouldn't bother him. Ive also taken his TV and tablet and he doesn't seem bothered on when hes going to get them back. This child is not fazed by anything.
we have a good bedtime routine, bath at 6:30pm, I put him to bed between 7 and 7;30pm and he will read a couple of stories and then 'settles' down to sleep, however he can still be awake at 10pm and awake the next day at 7am.
At school he is a total angel and doesn't step out of line.
can anyone recommend anything to help id be really grateful, thanks in advance

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