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Somewhat angry 5 year old

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LaytexSales Mon 05-Sep-16 22:23:05

My just 5 year old is exhibiting a quick and intense temper of late. He gets angry very quickly - red face, with practically steam coming out of his ears. He will absolutely completely resist whatever it is I am requesting. It is sometimes accompanied by physical attack - not a very strong one, usually a tap on my ankle or he will hit my leg etc. There can be a lot of stomping about and shouting too, talking through gritted teeth. I wouldn't call it a tantrum as such - it's more controlled I suppose. It passes quickly and angel face can return with an innocent look about the whole episode as if he doesn't know what you are talking about.

He exhibits the same temper with his brother and they are quite aggressive with each other - fairly strong hits and slapping.

He is my oldest so I am wondering about the following -

Is this temper and aggressiveness a phase? Is he not a bit old to be developing angry tantrums? How should I discipline him - usually I put him on the bold step or in his room, but there is little improvement. I withdraw toys too but I find that ineffective also.

Should I be worried about the aggressiveness displayed?

I can be a shouty Mom at times - something I am working on - I try to remain calm as much as possible but I have been under a lot of strain and stress this year. Has he learnt this behavior from me?

LaytexSales Tue 06-Sep-16 16:45:28


Snafflebrain Tue 06-Sep-16 16:52:35

my nearly 5 yr old is very similar although he mostly just lashes out on a toy rather than a person. I found encouraging him to count to 10 helps a bit. I don't do a time out but I do ask him to go to his bedroom until he cools down and he's free to come back and play once his tempers gone. I also praise any little tiny flashpoint where he doesn't lose his temper - like when his younger sister knocking his Lego down.

I'm also a shouty mum and I've really tried to reel it back over the summer. We agreed we would both work on keeping our tempers and that's also helped.

No magic answers in afraid, so I'm following for others suggestions also, but I do think it is a phase.

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