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Shouting - alternative please!

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MrsRobinson79 Wed 31-Aug-16 19:57:59

Have seen there is a thread about this lower down but I just wondered if anyone had any ideas about how they would deal with this situation. My almost 5 yr dd is lovely most of the time but can be extremely stubborn at times. I try not to shout and do consequences etc but when she is in the mood nothing I say works. Eg tonight after dinner she had bits of her yoghurt wrapper all over the table. She asked for a warm drink and as I was getting it I asked in a nice way to put her wrappers in the bin. She just said no, you do it. In a not very nice tone. I asked her nicely again to help me out. She said no. I asked if the fairy would do it (sometimes this gets her to tidy up). She said no again. So I gave her a count of 3 seconds to do it or I would pour her drink away. Still nothing so I poured her drink away and then she had an almighty tantrum. I ignored this and took other dd for her bath. She then comes up to the bathroom screaming and spitting etc so I closed the door and said she could come in when she had calmed down. She's still screaming and kicking the door. So I put her in her room- but she just comes out again. Until I really really shouted at her then she stayed in her room and eventually calmed down then she's all loving again.

Felt awful afterwards but unless I really shout at her she will not stay in her room for time out and the whole ignoring thing was not working. I though she was going to damage the door she was kicking it so much.

Sorry it's so long. I really don't know how else I can deal with her when I've already tried lots of things and it ends up being the only thing she responds to. Any ideas??!

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