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3 yr old aggressive doesn't listen

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Ladyrainacorn Wed 31-Aug-16 16:51:00

I'm absolutely at the end of my tether. Nearly 4 yr old bites, kicks, hits, intentionally disobedient. Today we'd been out for 5 minutes 3 tantrums including 1 because he wanted to run across a car park alone. He won't walk anywhere, he frequently hurts me intentionally whole laughing. He tantrums all.the.time. no matter how much sleep or food. A few minutes ago he ran out of the house down the street. I am on the edge completely I've no idea how other people cope I do not enjoy being a mother anymore even a short trip to the corner shop is intolerable.

user1464795209 Thu 01-Sep-16 10:16:57

Hugs! I have a almost 4 year old who doesn't care what I say or do he will just not listen. Laughs in the face of any kind of 'telling off' nothing works for him. He will put himself on time out and sit there saying 'I want to be on time out I want to be bad ' ... It's a never ending cycle of bad behaviour .. Not even bad behaviour but he tries his hardest to annoy everyone around him and seems to enjoy annoying people

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