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4 year old & sense of humour...

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pipppopin Wed 31-Aug-16 06:22:46

My 4 year old dd has become very sensitive when people laughhmm She thinks that everyone is laughing at her. Normal happy conversations & interactions have become vale of tears hmmTried explaining that people are laughing with her not at her... that often my laughter has got nothing to do with her...that sometimes the things she says & does are adorable & funny. But it all ends in tearsconfusedWhat to do?

VioletBam Wed 31-Aug-16 10:48:27

My friend's Dd did this at a similar age and from my outsider's point of view it looked very much like attention seeking.

She would cry and receive loads of love and reassurance immediately.

Could your dd be feeling that she needs more affection/attention than usual? She might be using this as an excuse when she realised she got a lot of attention.

If so, I would begin to make sure she's got enough one to one time with you and that she's got more than her usual amount of affection and general attention.

At this age they often feel a tad insecure because of school looming.

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