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Feeling rejected

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MissBonanza Sat 27-Aug-16 08:41:22

My 1 year old has suddenly started rejecting me when she's upset. It's started quite suddenly over the last week or so - tonight she cried for 30 minutes getting more and more hysterical each time I tried to soothe her. She wouldn't let me touch her and slapped me away in a rage. My partner came in and picked her up and she was instantly calm. This has happened to a lesser extent every morning this week - her crying until he holds her.

We do roughly equal childcare but he has been doing a bit more of the night time stuff recently and I don't know if it's that.

I'm suddenly panicked that she hasn't attached to me even though I did BF and exclusively look after her initially

Any advice or tips, it's really upsetting!

VioletBam Sat 27-Aug-16 09:33:15

It's just a phase. She's confident of your presence so can take out her frustration on you. Both mine did this and they're now 12 and 8 and still love me.


Theyvallgone Sun 28-Aug-16 19:25:21

This has started happening to me with my DS since he turned 1 a few months ago. He prefers daddy now, will be calmer and happier with him and can even say daddy and point to him when asked, he shows no recognition when someone says mummy. It's since I went back to work and my partner started taking a more equal share in night time stuff (he perhaps does a little more than me at the minute due to work). It's breaking my heart and has been going on a while sad

Here if you need to chat - no advice but it's nice to know you're not alone.

MissBonanza Mon 29-Aug-16 12:56:05

Thanks Theyvallgone it's good to know other people are in the same boat. She's not been herself the last couple of weeks, very grumpy so I'm hoping it's just a phase too.

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