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Toilet training - feels too young?

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pfrench Fri 26-Aug-16 21:50:42

Child is 2 in October, but is currently obsessed with the toilet/potty. I'm a teacher, and thought I might make at attempt at toilet training in the Christmas holidays, or maybe February half term if she seemed ready for either of those options.

But... we were on holiday for 3 weeks in a place that was warm enough for no clothes, and she was in and out of a swimming pool all the time. While we were there we had a potty sort of hanging around - we intended it to be there so that we could 'catch' her to prevent poos on the floor, rather than for her to use intentionally. But she started using it - for wees and poos. There were still a load of accidents (on the floor/in the garden since she was naked), so I figure she's not ready for proper toilet training.

Since we've been back from holiday, the obsession with the potty and the toilet has carried on, and there have been a few successful uses of both. Most of the time though, she's in a nappy (although she always tells me that something is happening).

Is she 'telling' me that she's ready? Or does every child go through this toilet interest?

Harvey246 Fri 26-Aug-16 21:57:46

I'd say if the motivation to use the potty is coming from her then go with it, I guess just try not to put any pressure on her and let her use her nappy instead if she wants to. I think toilet training happens more easily with a relaxed approach but she is obviously feeling ready to start so I'd just let her take the lead.

Witchend Sat 27-Aug-16 00:04:18

dd1 and dd2 trained in July with end of October/November birthdays. so slightly younger. Dd1 didn't have an accident after the first week, and dd2 only when she was too busy to stop.

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