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Returning to nursery after summer hols....complete meltdown!

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Bootsalex Thu 25-Aug-16 10:52:57

I'm having some problems with my 2 year old and getting her back into nursery. She's been going 1 day a week throughout the summer hols and has had a strop but got on with it. Recently she's had complete meltdowns and been really teary all day in nursery. I've got to return to work next week and she'll be in 3 full days and just wandered if anyone had any advice?
Nursery staff just said it's terrible twos and her not getting to do what she wants. I try distraction and also preparing for.the change in routine, plenty of notice where we're going etc which just instantly leads to tears!
Any help/advice please!!!

FurryGiraffe Fri 26-Aug-16 09:58:00

Mine had a sticky patch with nursery at 2. Lots of tears at drop off after some time off for a holiday. It took a few weeks to settle down- I gave him a hug and a kiss, handed him over to key worker for cuddle and left. I knew he was upset but also knew he was safe and secure and me making a thing of it wouldn't have helped.

I think some children (I definitely have one of them) are very sensitive to changes to their routine. 2 is tricky as well because they're not quite old enough to understand why/how things are changing. This year DS is 3 and has been able to talk through how he won't be going to nursery for a few days because we're visiting Granny, so he's understood exactly whats happening and we've had no problems with him going back at all.

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