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Anxious 33mth DS

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Profundis Tue 23-Aug-16 23:09:52

I am looking for advice from people with similar experience to my own. I have one DS through IVF who is 33 months. My DS is a lovely sensitive/anxious boy. Who can be quite hard work to parent in part because he reminds me of myself. I used to be very anxious and my pregnancy with him was very stressful. I was very anxious/depressed during pregnancy in a large part because my dad was dying of cancer throughout and died three weeks after my son was born. So no wonder my son has anxiety. I Feel guilty about all this.

Anyway I think my husband and I want to try for another baby through IVF but I'm wondering if anybody with a similar child could tell me how the new sibling effected there sensitive/ anxious child? And what their second child was like temperamentally? Should I prepare for another sensitive child or is it just as likely to have an outgoing child? I'm prepared for either. Just wondering if it's selfish to have another as I'm telling myself it will be good for my son but maybe that's just not true and he will find it traumatic/ stressful. Or maybe it's all just a gamble. Any wisdom anyone?

quicklydecides Tue 23-Aug-16 23:15:04

Love, you sound so anxious.
Think about actually getting treatment for it.
Could you access a course of CBT?
The truth of it is that you don't have an anxious toddler. Children grow and change and develop. If he is shy or timid or has separation anxiety, all those things are fine, just fine for his age. He'll grow out of it. IF you can show him that there's no need to be anxious about the wider world. And for that, you need to get your anxiety in check.

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