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2 year old suddenly letting herself wee herself all the time.

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NancyPiecrust Mon 22-Aug-16 08:35:04

I potty trained my daughter just before she was 2 as she seemed ready, she didn't like pooing in her nappy anymore & she is very advanced with speech - basically talks like a 3 or 4 year old and so could easily tell us if she needed a wee or poo and understood everything we said to her about the potty. We'd had a potty in the house for months and she spent ages making her teddies use the potty and practising so she knew what it was for. I thought she was ready especially as the whole potty training week (I went cold turkey and just replaced nappies with pants one day after telling her what would happen etc) she had like 4 wee accidents & then she understood she needed to go to the potty when she felt that feeling when she needs a wee. We were thrilled as it all seemed really easily and she took to it really well & she proudly used the potty, she even wipes herself (for a wee) and she gets lots of praise for using potty or for telling us she needs it. Suddenly after a couple weeks she started just letting herself wet herself... Usually she wouldn't like being wet and she'd say I've peed ! But with this she just seemed to let herself do it like she didn't care at all, she would look down and just watch the wee soak her trousers and the floor ! She even started just letting herself pee on me, on the sofa, in her pram, in the car seat. Even at times where I was sure she'd had a wee before we left the house & how could there possibly be any left ! Sometimes massive wees! And then she would just sit there wet and not care. Previously she was very aware and so this was weird. Me and her Dad are separated and have been since she was 1 year old. She started to only do these wee "accidents" with me .. Never with her Dad or her nanny. She def seemed to do it on purpose. I tried ignoring it and just praising her when he was dry & when she told me she needed the loo or when she did go on the loo. I tried saying to her no we do not pee in our clothes/on the floor/pram/car seat. I tried explaining to her if you pee in your clothes you'll be wet and its u comfortable, and if you pee on the sofa you won't be able to sit there because it'll be wet, if you pee in the pram you won't be able to go in the pram as it'll be wet ... Showing her the consequences.. Not in a shaming way but just a practical way like look it's wet we can't sit there. Now she's doing it all the time ! Mostly just with me but with her Dad as well now. Absolutely at the end of my tether ! Don't know what to do !! My whole house smells like wee and I'm doing so much washing ! It's constant ! She has just done it now whilst sitting on sofa playing with stickers whilst I was typing this !!!!! Help !!!!!

BoBiddly Mon 22-Aug-16 10:24:11

My daughter is also 2, and she is potty trained. A few weeks ago she started having accidents, and needing to wee more often - only knowing she needed to go at the last second. I took her to the doctor and after sending off two samples, it turns out she had a urine infection.

I'm not saying this is definitely the case with your daughter, but any change in potty habits especially with little girls should be looked into as a possible urine infection.

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