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4wo won't stop crying, sleeps for 3-5 mins at a time, only happy when on boob

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Helllibelli36 Mon 22-Aug-16 05:33:10

Hi, I have a 4wo (and a toddler). My 4wo is a problem. She won't sleep for longer than a few short minutes (maybe 5-8) in my arms during the day, wakes up screaming and frantically waving her arms and legs. This carries on until I reject and out her back on the boob or she just instantly falls asleep through exhaustion. I've tried white noise, car, calmness, darkness, light, angled sleeping, wraps, no wraps, music, quiet, shhhing, dummies, nice warm baths, swings, etc but none seem to stop the crying.The only thing that will calm her is wearing her in a sling or a nipple in her mouth.
Weirdly she doesn't cry much at night, abd sleeps ok, goes back quite easily after a feed(every 3 hours). But as soon as the morning feed is finished the screaming starts again (I bf). I haven't seen her calm and awake yet. We swing between screaming, boob and falling to sleep either on the boob or through exhaustion of crying for so long. GP says there's nothing wrong but to try some stuff got reflux in case it's that but it's not changed anything. She just is so unsettled and it's so hard to watch when I can't help her.
Does anyone know what I can do to help her to calm down a bit (and maybe sleep longer than a few minutes during the day?). Having a clingy toddler doesn't exactly help either! I also try to not feed too often to make sure she's full of the hind milk but it's hard not to have her on the boob all day as it's the only thing that calms her and ours her to sleep fur a few minutes.

Cakedoesntjudge Mon 22-Aug-16 05:43:25

Is she latching on properly? DS did this when he was born and it took two weeks for someone to notice blush (in my defence, I was a first time mum and had no idea). That's all I can think but if she's sleeping through the night it's probably not that. Sorry I don't really have anything else to suggest, that must be exhausting; I hope she changes patterns soon flowers

seven201 Mon 22-Aug-16 05:56:02

I was going to say reflux until you said you have meds. Some meds don't work for some people though so you could ask to try a different one. Ranitidine works well for my dd. Could you take her to a cranial osteopath? It might be she's uncomfy as 'something' needs clicking into place on her back or something. My daughter is a nap resistor and will only really nap on someone and for short periods but is fine at night (although not until 6 ish weeks).

SpiritedLondon Mon 22-Aug-16 16:34:06

Aaaah the pp stole my advice. I was going to suggest a paediatric osteopath. I had bf problems with my dd and went to the Osteopathy Children's centre in Wandsworth where the problem was resolved in 2 visits. My dd had an undiagnosed problem ( injury) in the neck which was preventing her from feeding properly ( incorrect sucking motion). They also resolved a little problem with her bowel. I had never used an osteopath before and had tried every avenue for 8 weeks until someone suggested it to me. I thought it was going to be a bit " woo woo" and I'm still not sure what they did exactly ( there's no major manipulation visible) but I would have no hesitation in returning for other issues. Turned my life around X

Helllibelli36 Tue 23-Aug-16 03:53:12

Wow thanks ladies for your replies!! I'm googling osteos now.... I'm just desperate as i just gate to see her so frantic!! Ill also see the gp to change the meds. Thanks again, I really appreciate you taking the time to reply. H

Quodlibet Tue 23-Aug-16 04:15:29

OP has she been like this always or has it got worse? 4 weeks is a 'leap' according to the Wonder Weeks book/app and you can expect them to be super clingy.
My little boy has just been through a very similar phase. He is 5 weeks tomorrow and like you I also have a toddler. For now I am fine with the fact that he wants to sleep in the sling - I'm getting a few good long naps by popping him in there and going about my day for a couple of hours.
In addition to the suggestions above, have you tried a probiotic? May be massive coincidence but I started my son on them and it seemed almost immediately to change the frequency of his poos (he was pooing after every feed pretty much) and ease the tummy trouble.
Hang on in there - they Change so fast at this age.

RockinHippy Tue 23-Aug-16 04:18:18

If you don't find an osteo you can get to, we had the same success with a chiropractor, plus bath grade epsom salts (magnesium) & a few drops of lavender in her bath. Magnesium is good to calm them - good for frayed nerves in your bath too & all safe for newborns

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