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Separation Anxiety

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KateFret Tue 16-Aug-16 18:28:34

Hi all.

My DD is 23 weeks old.

She has had some kind of separation anxiety from around 3 months. It used to be really bad to the point she would scream when she was with her Dad until I took her off him. I am the only person who can settle her if she's crying.
She has got better with her Dad over the last couple of months but he still can't take her to bed, which isn't much of a problem.
The problem is other people even close people that she sees 2-3 times a week, grandparents, aunties etc.
She just cries at them. She is a very serious baby, you have to try hard to make her laugh.
We started having her go to her Nannas once a week for the day 8am - 5pm and she was actually doing really good. Then we tried a sleepover. I dropped her off at 4pm and by half 5 I was on my way back. She was screaming the house down, her Nanna couldn't sooth her in any way. I should add that she was a colicky baby but has grown out of that now but still coming up to the evening gets a bit whingy. And is more clingy to me than she is in the day.
I just want her to be able to enjoy other people. She hates being round a group of people, she will just cry if someone looks at her.

Has anybody got any suggestions to help her come out of this separation anxiety? Or has anyone else been through this and can share their story?

Thank you in advance.

Badders123 Tue 16-Aug-16 18:39:50

Um...she's quite young for a sleepover would be my first thought.
It's quite normal though....tedious, but normal smile

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