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6 year old being aggressive and tantrumy.

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Tinytoto Mon 15-Aug-16 19:54:40

Dear all,

Hope someone can give me an insight please. We are currently visiting families ( grandparents). My 6 year old son suddenly seems unable to feed himself, change,
go to the loo or shower himself. He basically wants his granny who indulges him and has been known to bribe him with toys and emotionally...example one that occurred today, he didn't want to shower himself and i said he has been doing it ( obviously supervised by myself) all this time, banter leads on between us and I said to him please dont answer back which he replied, I will and i will
call the police! At which point I said to him would you like me to hand you the phone very calmly and said I dont want that kind of behaviour. His granny showered him, and gave him an ipad
because he kicked up a fuss again and locked himself in the room. Where am I going wrong and how am i supposed to help him ? I have asked to speak to him but he refuses to and says he doesnt love me but loves his gran.

sigh parenting his hard work*

Owlytellsmesecrets Mon 15-Aug-16 20:12:12

Id get him out of his room and sit on naughty step or whatever punishment you use. Them go tell my mother that she needs to keep her big nose out and let me deal with the parenting !

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